20 thoughts on “03Oct20: time out…

    • Andy likes both varieties. I just got a brand today that doesn’t have hard stems in it. I was worried the hard stems, if ingested, might cause injuries to his digestive system. I may used that ‘nip to experiment with making ‘nip tea for Andy.

    • He just gets buzzed but doesn’t do anything cute like some cats. Mostly, I know he likes it, so I give it to him. His late brother didn’t get anything from ‘nip, so Andy didn’t have to share.

    • This is really potent stuff, but it has too many stems in it for my taste…! Andy love, love, loved the stuff I grew. I need to grow some more. It’s easy enough to do!

        • Wow! I never had that luck with lilies! “Nip is a weed, so maybe you’ve been treating it with too much respect. All I ever do is pot with Miracle Gro, soaking wet. I scatter lots of seeds on the to, smoosh them into the growing medium, put a piece of Press and Seal film over the top, set the container in a cool, dark spot till the seeds sprout. I select the best looking sprouts, thin the pot. (Give the sprouts to kitty…) I then put the pot on the kitchen sill to get the best light of the day. In short order, Andy has fresh ‘nip!

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