18Nov20: “Is mise Anndra” / “I am Andrew” in Scots Gaelic

Andy is named after the patron Saint of Scotland as many of you know.

Does he know his name?

I think so.

23 thoughts on “18Nov20: “Is mise Anndra” / “I am Andrew” in Scots Gaelic

    • I have no knowledge of Gaelic either. That’s courtesy of Google translate! My maternal grandparents were Scottish immigrants. My grandfather died before I was born, but I was blessed with my grandmother till I was in my twenties. She was lots of fun! She referred to children as “wee fairhts”. I was in my early 40s before I realized she was calling us little farts! LOL! Loved her accent!

        • My grandmothers family came to America once in the early 1890s. There was a economic downturn, so they returned to Scotland. Then they returned to the US again in the early 1900s. My grandmother said kids teased her for her Scottish accent while in America, then, when they returned to Scotland, she had acquired enough Americanism that the Scottish kids teased her for her “American accent”. I’m sure she handled all those kids, though. She was little but tough!

          • It’s nice to know so much of your grandparents’ history Doug, I don’t know nearly that much about mine! Sad that people react negatively to other accents and wordways, they are an opportunity to learn so much about how languages form and change, and about other cultures.

          • I agree! My grandmother’s closest sibling – Aunt Maggie (“Call her Great Aunt Margaret!” but none of us did) and my grandmother were a couple of peas in the pod, and a visit from Aunt Maggie meant she would at some point put a silver dollar in my hand and whisper, “Now, don’t tell your Mom and Dad!” She wanted my siblings and me to spend them, not save them. Soooo as a little kid I spent valuable silver on candy and water guns. LOL!

    • Andy is a nice kitty – he at least takes a look my way even if that doesn’t get any action. I’ll tell you what does get his reaction: When I say “kitty treats”! He runs ahead of me to the kitty treat spot then!

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