17Aug21: a bit of home life with the kitty boys…

Andy still likes this cat tree best.

The kitty boys always behaved at the groomer’s, but Dougy always whined all the way to and the way back. He hated the carrier!

Always nice to have a kitty boy or two greet you at the door!

27 thoughts on “17Aug21: a bit of home life with the kitty boys…

  1. Aww . . . Andy and Dougy made a good team. Mom and I miss seeing them together, but thank the stars you took so many wonderful videos of them that we can all revisit. Happy National Black Cat Day, Andy, and to you, too, Angel Dougy. Kisses.

  2. It’s a struggle to put Beba into the carrier, but once in, she is fine. The other two have no problem getting in. Shabbos the cat used to ride in the passenger seat without a carrier.
    The Adorables looked so beautiful walking side by side swishing their gorgeous tails!

    • I used to leave the carriers out and with the doors open on the chance the kitties would use them as hidey holes, then, get used to them. It worked to the point one time I couldn’t find Dougy to take him to the groomer. I got Andy there in time and returned home to search for Dougy. I looked everywhere, under beds, behind furniture. Almost too late for the appointment, I looked in one of the carriers by the recliner. Dougy was hiding in the bottom one! I closed the door, and Dougy got his haircut that day.

    • They can be! I’ve had to learn new tricks to catch them, and getting two in the same carrier required a bit of effort. It’s easier just catching one cat now, and I got a new carrier that Andy seems to find less stressful to be in.

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