30Aug21: Louie in snow…

Yes, that’s the famous fir that every cat in the neighborhood loves because it is a favorite of birds as well! Notice I shoveled a path through a drift so Louie could walk over to the fir on his kitty business. My cats train me well!

Louie in snow. I never tired of his beauty, and this sequence documents his pretty head markings. To this day, my favorite kitty is the ginger tabby. Well, ginger tabbies and smoke Persians! Oh! Don’t forget tuxedo kitties! Heck, I love’em all! 

27 thoughts on “30Aug21: Louie in snow…

  1. Louie’s vibrant color really stands out in the snow! Those are strong markings on his his head and neck for sure. The variety of beautiful coat colors and patterns in domestic cats is indeed astonishing!

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