24Oct21: had his ‘nip this morning…

Andy likes his ‘nip.

But his reaction to it isn’t gleeful insanity.

It’s this! And his ‘nip is home grown, fresh ‘nip. He sniffs it, then eats the crumpled leaves.

Not pretty, but it kicks kitty butt!

10 thoughts on “24Oct21: had his ‘nip this morning…

    • Andy’s late brother positively got nothing out of it, but Andy likes it to eat and sometimes react a little. Regardless, he loves the stuff!

    • The home grown ‘nip knocks kitty socks off, I guarantee! It about makes me nauseated to smell it – minty musk. Yuck! Andy gets the further benefit of getting freshy greens since he eats the leaves after he sniffs and pats them.

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