17Nov21: the new blog header…

I used this photo, a screen print from a video of the kittens playing on a settee, for some time. It seemed time to try something new, and I changed it a few days back. I’m kind of surprised no one commented on the change!

Just a refresher – here’s the video the new header was screen printed from:

16 thoughts on “17Nov21: the new blog header…

    • It was a joy to have the pair! I highly recommend people consider two kitties when the adopt, though choosing two that get along is important.

  1. I never noticed your header but adore it. I wasn’t paying attention.

    What tall grass….at least its something to play with. I tried growing it and it came in dirt in a plastic box. Well, the girls dragged it throughout the house on our laminate floors, fishing some out all over the house. What a find mess! They don’t miss it and neither do I!

  2. Sorry Doug, I didn’t notice… Looks great! Have you considered changing your theme too? The one you are using may have been retired by WordPress. Happy Wednesday!

    • I like my current one too much to change unless WP forces it on me. I noticed, too, that if you click on the photos in Reader, it comes up without the theme, just a generic-looking presentation, but the blog comes up with the full theme if you click on “Visit”.

    • I tried several theme options, hated them all, and can’t get what I want. Of course this is WordPress, and they can kiss my butt. I pay $300 for this damn blog and feel I should be able to get what I want, not what WordPress gives me. Well, so much for that. KMAWP! I returned to the old theme, and will keep it as long as I can. Unfortunately, the alternates force one to crop the header photo to the point it looks like hell, plus the text prints over the photo, obscuring the tiny, square, cropped image to the point “looks like hell” is irrelevant – there isn’t enough of the image showing in the smartphone version, for example to have any point of even having the header in the first place.

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