20 thoughts on “21Oct22: breakfast…

    • He insists on smelling what I eat or drink, though he never gets human food. That seems to satisfy him, though, because yoghurt with fruit, applesauce and Cheerios don’t interest him. Coffee smells too strong to him – he pulls back from it. He might like scrambled eggs and some other things I might make, but, as noted, I don’t feed him human foods.

    • Some things I fix or use in fixing for breakfast might appeal – butter, for example or milk. I let him sniff things so he knows he isn’t missing out on something good, but he’s never shown interest in those things after that.

    • No problem for Andy. He prefers and gets his Greenies treat, his Royal Canin Persian food, and Hill’s Science Diet KD chicken pâté prescription wet food. I eat peasant food compared with his diet!

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