30Nov22: a quiet day…

Andy stopped by briefly for a face rub…

…before he hit the kitty lounger for a little rest.


It was a low energy day for both my kitty and me. Dialysis went well considering the fluid taken off was roughly three liters! Cramping is typical when that much fluid’s taken off, but I managed to beat the odds today with little more than a bit of cramping in my right thumb. Cramping in the large leg muscles would be more typical and definitely much more painful! At home, I did very little other than take naps and do a little housekeeping – very little! The snow was just enough to make taking trash out problematic since I use a dolly, though I really need to get it out to the dumpster before it takes over the place! 


25 thoughts on “30Nov22: a quiet day…

    • He is very floofy at the moment since his last grooming session had to be cancelled because of a mechanical failure on his groomer’s mobile unit.

      • Any time I get through dialysis without cramping is a good session! I can control cramping by being moderate in fluid consumption between dialysis days.

    • Here, they give you 100cc of saline solution. If that doesn’t help or end it, they may give you another 100cc. I don’t know if they inject the drug, too, but I know they do use the lines to take blood samples and to add drugs. I’ll have to ask them about the Levocarnil.

  1. Take care, Doug! I broke my tailbone taking the trash out after a light snow, apparently because there was ice underneath. I slipped and fell hard on my bottom, then discovered my nether regions were numb. After a painful drive to the doctor’s, i found out that I had fractured my coccyx—a term I hadn’t heard of before that. Anyway, it might be good to just leave the housework until you feel more energetic and there’s not so much white stuff on the ground.

    • “Coccyx” – I had to learn names of bones for paleontology when I was a university student. That’s one of a few I still remember! I recently had a tumble under circumstances similar to yours, but (no pun intended) I lucked out. The only thing I injured was my pride.

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