29Nov22: “Wanna play, Andy?”

“Wanna play, Andy?”

What a silly question!


By the time this publishes, we are supposed to get between 2-4 inches/ 5-10 cm of snow, with a further inch/ 2,5 cm likely this morning. We haven’t had much snow so far this season, so this will be welcome, I think, for the moisture it adds to the soil.

27 thoughts on “29Nov22: “Wanna play, Andy?”

  1. Good Morning dear Doug! How I missed to be here… Doug and His Cat Andy! You are great team, and you know each other, even more than like human and human relation. Cats are special they learn your life and things, etc. and we learn their life,..etc. It is really hard to see humans in this way… People don’t spend time to know each other anymore… I loved all your story telling photographs, Blessing and Happiness to you both, Thank you, Love and Hugs, nia

    • Thank you, nia! I try to tell a story with my photo, though I don’t always succeed. How true, what you note about people. Andy and I spend significant time together so we know each other pretty well!

    • The snow was less than the maximum predicted, though it was sufficient to make travel in the Nebraska Panhandle and the Black Hills problematic. More is predicted for Tuesday-Wednesday.

      And likes that toy. I suppose it mimics a tasty insect to him.

      • Intense rain here today, possible snow here tomorrow.

        Tasty insect! {-) The cats here have ingested many a hapless fly or spider. The ants get away, probably because they exude formic acid when disturbed. Wasps and bees have those stingers, and ones that got inside have popped a curious cat or two.

    • Where I am we hope for a good snow pack up in the mountains all winter, which slowly feeds the rivers and aquifers. I am in the western foothills of the Cascades. On the eastern side of that mountain range is high desert. Most of the rainfall here is between October to June, and it is normal to hear tree frogs in winter, which is usually mild in the foothills and valley floor. The problem is those dry summers are getting drier and hotter on the average. We hope for a lot of rain in winter. Coming from New England, it has been interesting living in a place where the grass is green in winter and be able to look up at the mountains and see snowy peaks.

    • The moisture is critical here because we are in a drought. The total precipitation here in a typical year is a scant 14 inches/ 36 cm. Crop irrigation using well water mined from the Ogallala Aquifer is the biggest reason many crops can be grown here.

    • It wasn’t too bad. I replaced the tires on my car this year. Those new Micheliins are super in snow! I immediately noticed the difference between them and the OEM Bridgestone tires. The OEM tires got poor traction in snow. I’m a big fan of Michelin radials anyway, having had excellent results with the brand on other cars as well.

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