07Jan23: Kitties don’t like coffee, Andrew!

Kitties don’t like coffee, Andrew.

“I still need to sniff it…just in case, Douglas!”


I never seem to learn. If I put anything down inside of the Cat Zone, the cat needs to sniff it…just in case.

Way back when, after I came down with Wegner’s granulomatosis, I asked my doctor about having pets. I was on an immuno-suppressant drug and my concern was the germy nature of cats and dogs. With a normal immune system, I knew that wouldn’t be a concern. With a suppressed one…! Anyway, he felt there wouldn’t be a problem as long as I washed my hands often with hot soapy water, I’d be ok.

For the first few weeks after I got Freckles the grey tabby girl, then Louie the ginger tabby, I washed my hands often. Slowly, I just lived with a more normal level of hygiene. I didn’t suffer any problems.

By the time I got Andy and Dougy, kittens suffering diarrhea for the first weeks I had them, I was giving the two “poop baths” because Persians with diarrhea tend to have poopy feathers back there! I briefly washed my hands a lot again because “poop baths” required getting aggressively involved washing poop off little kitten butts.

Slowly, once the diarrhea issue settled down, I went back to reasonably typical and normal hand washing routines…till COVID-19! By then, excessive hand washing was a familiar routine and not so hard to return to.

So…having germy pets ultimately proved to be a benefit for my health. LOL! No, seriously, and I finished the coffee even though Andy sniffed it


18 thoughts on “07Jan23: Kitties don’t like coffee, Andrew!

  1. It doesn’t seem to matter what it is, cats need to inspect the item! They want to sniff bananas, but then recoil at the strong odor. I did have one cat that liked bananas, though! Old Mr. Austin liked them!

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