12Jan23: on the prowl…

Andy stopped by to let me know he wanted something.

He wanted to find “it”, but “it” wasn’t “there”.

He tried to find “it” from a different perspective.

I guess “it” will have to wait while…

…Andy takes a nap.


Someone proposed that cats are a liquid. Take another look at the last photo, which I’ve posted in a larger size. See what they mean? LOL!


I got a surprise from leendadll yesterday in the form of a turtle nest! Many thanks!


30 thoughts on “12Jan23: on the prowl…

    • Yes, and anyone around kitties knows some of their places and postures napping defy belief!

      I am very pleased with the turtle nest gift! I hope all of “my” children make it to the ocean and prosper!

    • No, it’s the right side of my parents’ 50h anniversary photo. It doesn’t have an way to hang and I haven’t got around to dealing with it.

      I still don’t know what “it” was….

  1. “Someone proposed that cats are a liquid.” yes, I know and I agree, they make me smile… our Tomurcuk, especially shows how a cat to be liquid… Thank you dear Doug, have a nice day, Love and Hugs, for both of you, nia

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