30Jan23: Slurp!

Slurp! Slurp!


Purr! Slurp!

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

“Hey, you!”

“What’s the matter? Never seen a cat clean his precious before?


Ugh! wind chills predicted to be down to 20 below zero tonight. That’s -29 degrees C. I hope the old jalopy starts Tuesday morning. I probably need to take a short road trip to charge the battery up a bit, though there hasn’t been much strain on it since the last really cold spell. Got new snow yesterday. I haven’t checked outside today. 




17 thoughts on “30Jan23: Slurp!

  1. Kitty doing kitty business! If you have an extra set of keys for your car, I suggest starting it, lock it up and go inside for a half hour or so to charge the battery. I keep cables in the truck for this even here. It happens.

    • I have cables and do run it for a bit to charge the battery by taking a little “trip”, driving around till the car is good and warmed up.

  2. Very meticulous clean-up there, Andy! That weather is just beastly! Though I actually like beasts, the “beastly” concept just fits my meaning in this case!

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