31Jan23: palm tree…

Andy was just standing there and it struck me…

…his tail reminds me of a palm tree. Must be brought on by the miserable, cold weather!


This is a 2020 photo taken shortly after Andy came home from a 30 January 2020 grooming session. The cut is called a teddy bear cut. Compare the top photo with this bottom photo. See why I prefer the teddy bear cut over the lion cut? His fluffy tail didn’t get trimmed except a little (not noticeable) near his little “pooper” as part of the hygienic trim.


17 thoughts on “31Jan23: palm tree…

  1. A palm tree, LOL! I really did too, it does look like a furry palm tree, Doug! I like the teddy bear cut better too, his little face is so cute! 🥰🐈

    • The lion cut, IF think, was suggested because he had such extreme mats because he’d gone so long between trims, thanks to a generator failure in her groomer’s mobile business.

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