Post 1581: Andy sees you!

Andy may look like he’s resting (well, he is)…

…but he sees you! [~wink!~]

Happy Caturday!

25 thoughts on “Post 1581: Andy sees you!

  1. I sometimes think cats can sleep with half the brain still active, like migrating birds who “sleep” on the wing. The ears are a dead giveaway, like antennae rotating to home in on any noise. 🙂

    • Here’s the long answer:

      Andy’s named after St, Andrew, patron saint of Scotland. (I’m mostly Scottish in background and had grandparents who came from the Glasgow area on my mother;s side.) After naming Andy after St. Andrew, when I got Dougy, I decided I’d give him a name with a Scottish connection. Others suggested names like Angus (too bovine…!) and worse. Then it occurred my name is as Scottish as they get! It’s a family in joke that he isn’t a Douglas Jr. because his middle name is different than mine. A longer description of why that’s a joke is in the link.

    • Birds of a feather! The kitty boys especially enjoy seeing your pictures because they look like you and they are very pleased they aren’t the only pretty kitties! (They are a bit vain. Everyone knows there are millions of beautiful cats!)

  2. Cool cat with one eye open!
    I must share an unbelievable cat story with you. My Italian teacher is very reliable so I think it’s true. She visited a friend who has a big rather lazy cat. A bird flew in through an open window, the cat yawned mouth wide open and the bird flow straight into the mouth. The owner managed to save the bird before the cat bites. The latter to surprised.

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