10Sep23: a slow Sunday…

Andy’s not ambitious today.

It’s a slow Sunday.


I managed to lose my glasses this morning. I think they must have fallen off my face when I was taking the oxygen canula off or untangling the canula, a common problem with the darn thing. I hope I locate them because they are my new glasses.

Fortunately, I have the old prescription glasses to get me through till I find them. At worse, I may have to buy a new pair in the new prescription. I only got them four or five months ago. Rats! (…a heavily cleaned up comment!)

I like the light weight of today’s glasses, but it is too easy not to realize they aren’t on your face when one’s prescription isn’t really strong.

24 thoughts on “10Sep23: a slow Sunday…

  1. I hope you can find your glasses, Doug. I have had a lens fall out of mine and not realize it until I’ve been walking around a while. I wondered why the vision seemed blurrier in that eye! 🙂

    • I’ve had that happen, too. In my case, it happened and I was aware of it at the time. The optician’s tech told me she replaces the screw when people bring them in (…after fumbling around trying to fix them) because the old screw never stays secure. The new one has something on it to make it tight and secure or thy put something on it.

    • I am familiar with “Mutts” because my sister gets
      it in her paper. I don’t, however, but will try to find the panel you mention! Thanks!

  2. I hope you find your glasses, Doug, maybe Andy can help you find them. Are they in your car? I leave stuff in my truck occasionally like the lens cap for my camera, or my phone which is when I panic!

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