26Sep23: very important kitty business…

Andy has some very important kitty business to do.

Then Andy takes it to a new place…

…where he gives his fabulous tail attention!

You go kitty! You go!

Andy ignores my exhortations because he’s the kitty and he doesn’t need my peanut gallery involvement to “do” his fabulous tail. 


I make the coffee strong and black when I eat waffles with strawberry pie filling on top! I think this is OK when strawberries aren’t in season, but the fresh fruit version is more satisfying. I bet whipped cream on this version would help!


I’m still working on decluttering the apartment. I’ve made decent progress, though there seems to be an endless mess to work through! The area behind the dining room table is daunting since it was the “dumping ground” when I needed to get things sorted off the table when guests came to town. Once there, it was out of the way, so stayed there till the table accumulated new clutter. More guests, new clutter joined the old clutter. And so on for years. Yes, the area behind the table is going to be an archeological dig before it’s done!

21 thoughts on “26Sep23: very important kitty business…

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    • Gad! I can appreciate your circumstances! Decluttering is difficult by oneself, but impossible if more people are adding to the clutter while you declutter!

  2. I wished to help you dear Doug, I hope and wish you make them all easily. My home working on decluttering never ending… I think I am used to now. There is always something to be done. But you know we moved a lot. Anyway, Thank you for being with us, with your Lovely Andy, Have a nice day, Love, nia

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