Post 2033: bedtime for Andy…

Sleepy boy! Andy is on the edge of sleep…and the recliner back!

He may already be in Slumber Land!

No doubt about it now. Sleep little angel, sleep!


Post 2026: breakfast time is late today…

When it comes to breakfast time, Andy sees things in black and white. “None of this lazy bones stuff, Doug! Get up! Get up! GET UP!” Doug (the human) fell asleep in the recliner again, and Andy intends to make sure he doesn’t sleep through breakfast time…AGAIN!!

“He moves…” Andy notes to himself, “Maybe we get to eat…SOON!” A little color comes back into his world when he sees Doug (the human) move.

“He walked past me,” Andy thinks, “I bet he’s headed for the kitchen!” Andy’s feeling hopeful now. “Yummy breakfast time is nigh..isn’t it?”

Dougy puts a splash of despair on the moment. “Didn’t you see him go into the bathroom? You know what that means….” Rats! Yeah, breakfast will be a few minutes late today! AGAIN!

Post 2016: what to do after it’s snowed…

The worst of it has been cleared off, though there’s more in the forecast.

Dougy has the right idea…

…as did Andy till I woke him up.

Andy asks, “What did you think we’d do?”

2011: a look back…

This is the Andy photo enlarged and on the wall in many posted photos. It’s a favorite!

Of course, Dougy is a “box cat”, too!

Nice! I rarely get both in a photo.

But it’s usually a territorial confrontation when I do…

…or boring eating photos.

Then there is the recliner, beloved by all! Dougy’s enjoying the footrest here…

…and Andy here. I even get to sit in it occasionally!

Post 2009: a nice surprise for Andrew…

Andy minds his own business, like the good kitty he is.

What? What!? What!?

Oh yes! Andy loves this tail end scritch the best of all. (He’s trying to be cool, but he has no resistance to this one!)

Post 2008: seems to be a habit…

Andy’s spending lots of time here lately.

It’s his happy place!

Relax here and clean up. Yes, Andy feels safe and secure on the recliner back.

Post 2007: Hey! It’s Andy!

Hiding in plain view…

…sneaking a peek at Dougy…

...and me…’s…

Andy! I see you, buddy!

Post 1997: The temptation…

Minding his business. That’s how Andy is.

Say what??

Well, it was worth a try. Andy just can’t be tempted today.


For those who briefly saw tomorrow’s post in the Reader, it was accidentally scheduled for today along with this post, the actual Monday post. This sometimes happens when I have several posts prepared ahead of time. I’ve pulled it, but rescheduled it for tomorrow, the day I intended it to post. Sorry about that! The photo above is one of those in the story for tomorrow.

Post 1996: Finally, here’s Andy!

Typical! As soon as he realizes he’s about to be photographed, Andy takes evasive action! Dang kitty!

“OK! Just kidding!” Andy says, in Cattinese, of course. “Meow!”

“Besides,” Andy says, winking, “that’s my photo hanging on the wall. You got my photo in the first try!” Yeah, with Andy sticking out his tongue. And I always think Dougy is the comedian kitty in this family..! (The wall photo shows even better in this last photo.)

Now you’ve seen Andy, post grooming.