21Sep20: fly by…

Andy’s horns are locked in place. A fat fly flew by, inviting Andy to the hunt.

Whew! Talk about circuitous flight! 

Too much for Andrew. It probably was a tough fly anyway. Andy takes a snooze.

19Sep20: Enough!

Andy enjoys a face rub no less than any proper cat, but he also lets me know when he’s had enough!

18Sep20: restless…

Andy starts off like this…

….ends upside down, well his head anyway!

That’s his tongue sticking out. Hee! Hee! I woke him up when I laughed. No more sleeping kitty boy photos today!





17Sep20: midnight snack, if he can catch it…

Andy is alert to…

…something buzzing behind the stacked carriers. (I hope he catches the miserable $&T@!)

16Sep20: a late supper and a nap….

I overslept tonight. Andy is very aware of that, and he put a little claw into his usual pat on my leg to let me know I am neglecting this important moment!

Incredulous! Andy can’t believe I’ve not running to the kitchen to fix yummy kitty food. (I’m watching him closely in case he needs to add more claw to his demands.)

I barely move and Andy is on his way to the kitchen! He didn’t leave any food tonight. 




15Sep20: Andy amuses himself…

Hint! Hint! Just in case I don’t figure it out that Andy wants to play, he puts on a sad little self-play episode. We played wand toys games after this, then we both had naps.

13Sep20: ‘nipped out…

The last batch of catnip is especially strong. After hogging it up, Andy played “bottle cap hockey” and “string wand toy” games with considerable enthusiasm. Poor little ‘nipper is tuckered out! Too bad because there are still too many flies this season, and it seems 90% decided to spend the rest of their nasty little lives here in my home. (I shall kill them with as much enthusiasm as a cat on extra potent ‘nip. Andy misses out on the fun!)


The news from the western states this year is especially sad because of the fires changing – or taking – lives. It makes me especially sad, too, to note Lavinia Ross reports Abby, her and Rick’s 18 year old kitty girl, has passed. My heart and love goes out to the Ross family. The Rosses are close to one of the Oregon fires – 10 miles away as of the 12th – but may have to evacuate to safety, if they have already by the time you read this. They are off line now, so messages of condolence or concern can’t be acknowledged immediately. These are desperate and concerning times.

12Sep20: restless…

Andy is restless.

What to do?

Frasier reruns? Sad but true so I brought out the string wand toy and Andy and I had a proper cat entertainment!