25Jul20: vicissitudes of being a kitty…

Andy just wants some private time to clean his “precious”.

Maybe a change of venue will work. Not if a fly stops by!

Is Doug (the human) crazy?! No kitty can catch that fly!

24Jul20: on the hunt…

I tossed a few of Andy’s kitty treats in the carrier the other day to divert his attention from his upset at being in the carrier for transport to the veterinarian’s. Today, he climbed in to see if any were left.


I could see him eating a Greenie, so the hunt was a success. Then he climbed on top of the carrier for…

…a cat nap.


Andy will be on a prescription diet to control formation of kidney stones. This is condition is common in older Persians, Though his blood pressure was better than last Winter, it still is elevated. He will continue to be on medication for that condition. Other than those two issues, Andy had excellent test results. One test remains. I get to collect a poop sample for that,,,,

23Jul20: Andy’s day, yesterday…


Andy’s at an age for cats – nine – where a comprehensive medical checkup is a good idea, unless you’re Andy, above in his carrier. The report is he was a “good boy” while there.

Andy was at the clinic from 7:30 till 2:00 yesterday. When we finally came home, he ran through the apartment, happy to be back in familiar territory, and trying to figure out what his priority for the moment was: eat, sleep, drink, groom, play?

He hopped on the stacked carriers to think it out. Oh, and to take a nap. That was easy!

Andy’s veterinarian had an emergency to deal with when I went back to the clinic to get Andy, so I will go to the clinic after dialysis today to learn the results of Andy’s checkup.


Ann Adamus of  Zoolatry created this badge of Dougy. I will attach it to this blog as soon as I feel up to finding the place where I do that. I think I remember, but am exhausted today. She did a beautiful job. Dougy’s on his ottoman in this photo, which I find appropriate and typical of my kitty boy. RIP Dougy.

dougy memorial ann adamus of zoolatry


21Jul20: a good kitty…


Andy has a chance to block the captions on this Ingmar Bergman version of Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte, a favorite opera of mine, and he doesn’t. Part he sleeps through…

…then sometimes he takes off on kitty business.

Of course, his path is across my laptop keyboard. It isn’t because he means to be bad. It just happens to be where he needs to walk!

He listens politely, too, because he is a good kitty.


We are healing, Andy and I. We will always have a hole in our hearts that only Dougy could fill, but we do have our fond memories of him. He was a good kitty, too.



20Jul20: …toys or sleep?


Andy knows some of his favorite wand toys are on the floor next to his end table. He has a big kitty decision to make.

Dig out a toy or…


…sleep. It’s a “no brainer” it seems. 



This is my Seattle sister’s kitty girl, Saki, enjoying bunnies outside from her window perch. My sister adopted Saki after the death of her kitty boy, Sox. Andy can watch cottontails from his window perch. too. Dougy used to enjoy bunnies from that same window when Andy wasn’t using it. 

Some of you have wondered if I will adopt another cat so Andy has a companion. In ways, I would like to adopt a senior kitty, but my health issues complicate that decision. I know I don’t want to adopt a kitten again, as irresistible as they can be. Regardless, it is too soon to think about this. My sister’s example – she’s adopted two senior cats in the past – is an example to consider, too.



19Jul20: how we are…

Little did I realize this odd behavior was Andy looking for his brother. It started the day Dougy died, though I didn’t know Dougy was gone yet. Andy’d found the body hours before I did. When I found it, Andy was there. He sniffed Dougy, just like he would in life. Andy still does this recliner arm vigil, and it makes me sad for him and for me.

He’s not coming from the guest bedroom, either. Or off the stacked carriers. Or off the recliner. Andy is silent, patient, hopeful. “He won’t come back, Andy,” I tell him, more for my benefit than his of course.

Some activities are normal…


…others are alarming. Andy’s shallow deep sleep breathing barely moved his chest. Holding my breath…20200716_234110

…I touched him to make sure he was alive. It’s been like that.


I intended to put Dougy’s savaged ottoman out of sight in the guest bedroom. “Not yet,” I told myself, “not yet.” 

I appreciate all the condolences from followers of the kitty boys. They were thoughtful, welcome, helpful, and a reminder that the world still holds a lot of compassionate, empathetic, nice people. Some made me cry, but all comforted me. I hope I returned to each and everyone of you who took time to send me their message of condolence and let you know your message was seen, read, and it helped. 

Dougy and Andy were a team when it came to hunting.

18Jul20: Andy worries me some days…

I’m not sure what to think. Is Andy resting or is he planning? See the exposed murder claw in the bottom right photo? It seems “ready”. That expression on his puss, too….


Then there’s this business. What is he trying to tell me? Leave me alone? Nothing? It’s just weird!


What I didn’t know at the time I took the bottom photo is Dougy was already dead but Andy was watching for him to come around the corner like he always did. He’s still doing it. Sad since I’m not Dr. Dolittle or I’d talk with him about his companion and brother.

15Jul20: “neat” takes its toll…

It takes less time to maintain a kitty with short hair, but…


…it still is exhausting! Whew! Ask Andy.