Post 2125: Nap time, of course!


Dougy needs his nap.





Post 2276: Dougy visits the pillow on my lap…

Imagine my surprise when Dougy just hopped onto my lap pillow and kneaded it for a minute or so.  And that he stopped by of his own free will!


Happily, he stayed afterwards.   I think he wants to become a lap kitty!


My snoozing kitty boy. Stop by any time, kitty! 



Post 2041: upset kitty…

Dougy doesn’t like it when I’m on the laptop…

…so he tries to shame me into turning it off.

Post 1200: Wow! I just noticed this!

Sometimes I forget that Andy and Dougy are pedigree kitties because they behave like regular moggies. Specifically, they are smoke Persians. Then, as their hair grows out and the characteristic smoke Persian characteristics start to show, I marvel that, well, they are really pretty kitties! 

I saw Dougy in just the right light yesterday, and took this quick if poorly composed photo of a very beautiful Dougy before he went off to be a regular kitty:110416-dougy-is-a-pretty-boy


In other “news”, I am not a touch typist. I oftentimes type a long passage and discover when I look up at the screen that the [Cap Lock] was on for a whole paragraph. After a blasphemous outburst or two, I unlock the [Cap Lock] key and redo the all caps section of whatever I was writing. Yesterday, I finally did something I should have done a long time ago: I removed that dang key from my keyboard! I never type long passages in all caps, so why bother having the key?110416-keys