Post 2162: King Andy…


Dougy choses the safer route since Andy is on the recliner arm while visiting Doug the human. No reason to risk “That Look Which We know And Find A Terror”! 


King Andy. Woo hoo!

Post 1992: the kitty boys to have a day at the spa today…


Here’s today’s Dougy. What a floofy kitty boy!

Andy’s pretty floofy himself. What will the kitty boys look like tomorrow?

Stay tuned! I haven’t decided how much to have trimmed this time, but I think it will be a lot shorter than last time when Athena (their groomer) and I decided to see what they’d look like with longer hair.

Dougy (above) and Andy are spectacular (I think) with longer hair, but they started to get mats on their tummies and underarms in the third month after the last spa day. I don’t think I’m doing something right and the brush I use doesn’t seem up to the kitty boys’ dense undercoats.

Here’s Dougy after the last spa day. I think this is about right for a winter cut. Athena and I will work it out! If I can work out the matting problem, I will go for the longer look again.