Post 1992: the kitty boys to have a day at the spa today…


Here’s today’s Dougy. What a floofy kitty boy!

Andy’s pretty floofy himself. What will the kitty boys look like tomorrow?

Stay tuned! I haven’t decided how much to have trimmed this time, but I think it will be a lot shorter than last time when Athena (their groomer) and I decided to see what they’d look like with longer hair.

Dougy (above) and Andy are spectacular (I think) with longer hair, but they started to get mats on their tummies and underarms in the third month after the last spa day. I don’t think I’m doing something right and the brush I use doesn’t seem up to the kitty boys’ dense undercoats.

Here’s Dougy after the last spa day. I think this is about right for a winter cut. Athena and I will work it out! If I can work out the matting problem, I will go for the longer look again.

21 thoughts on “Post 1992: the kitty boys to have a day at the spa today…

  1. Mom uses a heavy wire comb most of the time when grooming my furrs. She actually got if for her Samoyed doggie years ago, ’cause he had a thick coat. It works just as good on my furrs. Mom also works out small matts with her fingers. I don’t mind a bit, ’cause it means less work I have to do. Winks.

    • I have several different styles of brushes and combs, each serving a different purpose. I like the brush with fine teeth best, and so do the kitty boys.

    • Yes, I posted a thanks you on their Facenbook page, and the owner is going to make sure Athena sees the comment and my blog post about it. ASs I reminded Megan (owner), Andy and Dougy are minor international cat celebrities, and that people from all over the world know about Athena and her wonderful skills as a groomer now! Cutting kitties hair long surely takes more skill than doing a lion cut, the first thing I asked for many years back. Their first groomer, Sara, suggested a cuter teddy bear cut, which I liked because it was a lot less extreme and made the kitty boys looks really cute. Athena suggested a longer cut, which I like even better since it is more true to the kitty boys’ breed.

        • She’s done it for a couple years or so. I forget when exactly she took over after Sara, who happened to take a job a couple blocks up the same avenue at the kitty boys’ veterinarian’s clinic.

          • With Andy’s photo just posted, you’ve seen their new haircuts for several days now! That’s how good they were – they don’t look like they’e had haircuts unless you compare their current look with earlier ones just before their spa day. It’s more noticeable to me, of course. because they live with me. Their coats are softer (Athena brushed them out, so any loose hair is new production – the day after their spa day, I barely got anything in the brush when I brushed them.) and shorter, which is more noticeable t=when they stand because I can tell the hair, while long, is higher up on their bodies – there is more space between the ground and their tummies!

          • Doug, I must apologize; when I get busy, I don’t see anything that accumulates for several days. Then I start from the top, which is the most recent, of course. In other words, I see everything in reverse order, unfortunately. Add to that the fact that occasionally, WP decides to change my settings, and, unbeknownst to me, I don’t get anything from the blogs I follow, until I realize it and re-set to correct settings.
            I am off today (relatively, as I have a pile of tests to grade), so, hopefully, I’ll catch up.
            I have to thank you, on behalf of Barmalei, Beba, and little Pyshka, for the idea of getting them a catnip plant – what a hit! I don’t see any bursts of energy, as promised, but they are obviously loving it, and I love the fact that they stopped destroying my roses and stealing salad greens. Thank you so much, Doug!

          • Best wishes to your kitties for responsible ‘
            nipping! I can appreciate the WordPress surprises, have had some myself. Microsoft updates are the only thing more disagreeable for changes that result that screw things up for me. I usually see posts on the day they pop up, but I’ve have times where it was weeks between viewings – for example, when I was hospitalized and in therapy for two and a half months in 2016 – and I was tied up catching up for at least a week!

    • They are! Their groomer managed to give them a cut that doesn’t significantly change their Persian look. but is much neater and free of mats. I’m pleased with her skills!

  2. Good luck with the hair brush issue. Perhaps a special comb? I am very fortunate Lucio seems to have the kind of long hair that does not form mats. Wynken gets an occasional mat or two, but seems to have similar hair.

    • Athena the groomer and I like the new, longer look on the kitty boys. We discussed possible better brushes to work out the mats when they occur or, better, catch them before they get too big.

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