Andy’s fine whiskers

2011-01-01 Andy in window and on desk 004

Dougy has a handsome ruff and very distinct smoke Persian pelage. Andy has a kittenish face with huge whiskers! His tail’s pretty magnificent, too.

The photo shows Andy’s fine whiskers; the video, his fine tail. You’ve probably seen the video before, but, well, it’s a favorite of mine!

When you have two cats that are essentially identical in appearance, it’s handy to have distinctive field marks to keep them straight!

Smoke Persian qualities show on the boys when their hair is longer.

Smoke Persian qualities show on the boys when their hair is longer.

I don’t think there is a better photo of Dougy to show you how different he looks in the face (wider head, greater spacing between eyes, more developed ruff).

He’s also physically bigger, which may be why Andy always uses the litter box when I use the toilet: I’m there to distract Dougy! (Dougy always follows me in and walks back and forth under my legs when I am holding court from the throne, so to speak!)


4 thoughts on “Andy’s fine whiskers

  1. Those are two absolutely beautiful boys. Such sweet faces.
    Ali does not go with me into the bathroom but sits with me howling outside the door like she is waiting in line for her turn.

    • So you see little paws under the door, do you!? LOL!

      Thanks for your comment. I’ll pass it on to the boys, though I know they’ll just sit there looking at me with that “Whaaaat?!” look on their faces!

      • Yes I see little paws under the bathroom door and she starts to howl if I am in there to long. I always ask her if she needs to use the facility when I come out.
        She is such a heart smile for us.

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