Post 658: the faux pas…

The blue carrier is Andy’s favorite spot to lounge, catch a little sun, and, when the back door’s open, watch the birds in the fir-tree.

This morning, I noticed something not quite right:

Typical scene, looking toward the blue carrier. Cat enjoying the sun, the view.

Typical scene, looking toward the blue carrier. Cat enjoying the sun, the view…


...the cat is Dougy!

…the cat is Dougy, and he’s a little too nonchalant about perching there, a little too comfortable!

Good thing Andy isn’t in the front room or there’d be a “cattitude adjustment action” and the roar of one cat chasing the other into the spare bedroom. (That is, out of my view, where Andy can kick Dougy’s tail for his faux pas.)

12 thoughts on “Post 658: the faux pas…

    • Yes, there is a strict protocol for stopping at any pl;ace in the house because one or the other boy has a claim on it, doesn’t like the other boy to be there, and will kick kitty butt if he has to to make the point…again!

        • Yes, they are from the same litter. They had one sibling (sex unknown to me) that was still born and a brother and a sister. Someone in South Dakota got the brother and sister. The woman who had their mother told me the brother and sister absolutely hate each other, so I’ve always felt I lucked out. Of course, they both are the same in appearance to anyone who doesn’t know how to tell them apart, so they make a striking pair when they great people at the door. (That is, are so snoopy they try to sneak a sniff of visitors’ legs shoes, and anything else they can reach!)

          I read once about research that showed mice pups from the same litters behaved differently based on hormone exposure in the womb. Those awash in testosterone were nasty, and the estrogen-bathed ones were much nicer. I always took that to be feminist propaganda. LOL! But, maybe there is something to it.

          • Well i am glad that it is not just none siblings that have the ocassional quarrel. Next time a friend says you shoupd have adopted two from the same litter i’ll be like no there is no proof it makes a difference haha. Which makes sense if you think about humans ;o twins dont always get along either!!! Lol

          • LOL! I think the only way to handle it is to observe them at play/war. The woman who gave the boys to me observed them playing well together, and offered me Dougy later after they’d been reunited at the veterinarian’s for the infamous intestinal disorder caused by eating a grasshopper the litter caught in their play area and were observed to be best buddies.

          • Lo the things cats eat hahal. Nubes once ate a spider which decided to crawl back out as she was sleeping on me… Neither her nore me were pleased about that one 😉

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