Post 725: Supposed to get to 80 today…!

It’s supposed to get to 80°F (26.7°C) today, something more like summer than early spring. I’m sure my boys will like it, given the African origins of domestic cats, but I’m not ready for hot weather.

Andy on top; Dougy in the tub.  How cliché!

Andy on top; Dougy in the tub.
How cliché!

The doors can be left open, though, and the fresh air is appreciated after the stale winter air of three male animals locked in a small place is replaced with a sweet breeze!

57 thoughts on “Post 725: Supposed to get to 80 today…!

    • They have a Persian mother and a Birman father. They are smallish cats (10-11 pounds or 4,5 to 5 kilograms). I’m unaware of any Northern European influences in their genetic heritage…!

  1. I will be so happy when the warmer weather hits here also. Management came and replaced all of the window screens this morning and I am grateful fro that. Am looking forward to the sweet breezes blowing though and airing us out after a long winter even though it was warmer than usual.

    • I think of April as the time I can start leaving my bedroom window open a bit at night for the fresh air. It’s oftentimes a bit frigid, but that makes things just more cozy under the blankets! I’d have fresh air all the time if I could!

    • The weather is highly variable this time of year, lots of extremes. If it snows, it generally is a heavy (“heart attack snow”) wet snow that’s miserable to scoop.

  2. Are you joshing us? In the 80’s….unbelievable my friend…..ruddy unbelievable. Mom gets all excited if the temperature stays above freezing at night. We want to get our seeds from the growing lamp in here out to the greenhouse but the window that raises when it is warm in the greenhouse is shut tighter than a drum. You’re just lucky….ya, that’s it….lucky.

    Shoko, Kali and their mom

    • Knowing this time of year, in a few days, we could be scraping ice off our car windows! The rule of thumb is the last killer frost for this area is around May 15th. Of course, with nice days before that last killer frost, vulnerable plantings (fruit trees and lilacs) sometimes get their buds nipped, greatly reducing the floral show in late spring. Some years, though, everything makes it through, and everywhere in town there is the scent of lilac wafting and hanging in the air: Quite nice!

    • In theory, the carrier is Andy’s domain. The tub was supposed to be for Andy (since Dougy claims the original one like it…!), but Dougy took it over, too. I guess he figures “his” tub magically hops across the room to be on the settee when he’s over there or hops back to the floor on the other side of the room when Dougy’s there…!

  3. It has been in the 70s during the day here Doug, and yes it is good to air out the place after a being closed up for winter! The cats love a good seat in front of an open window, especially if there is a bird feeder on the other side. 🙂

    • Andy is a screen climber, and has pulled a screen or two off the window in his excitement to avoid Dougy or to get at a bird. My big concern, then, is him jumping out the window to “freedom”, something he’s never experienced. I don’t make them wear collars since they are inside cats, though they are microchipped just in case they were to get loose and lost. That said, the doors seem adequate for keeping them inside but able to connect with outside through the screen, and the front door overlooks a bird feeder…!

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