Post 724: “Whatchew lookin’ at…?”

Not that warm today, but it’s nice inside in the sun. Ask Dougy!

Enjoying the morning sun!

Enjoying the morning sun!

Of course, when you aren’t doing anything and others around you are doing something, there is tension. “Why aren’t you doing something?”

"Whatchew lookin' at...?" Dougy's horns are up. Guess it's best to let sun-dozing cats lie!

“Whatchew lookin’ at…?”
Dougy’s horns are up. Guess it’s best to let sun-dozing cats lie!


27 thoughts on “Post 724: “Whatchew lookin’ at…?”

  1. Not sure if my last comment went through. 😮 (WordPress crashed on my phone LOL) I was just saying how cute he is and that you should check out my cat cafe post today. 😉 there is a dark kitty you may like the look of!

  2. There should be a law to protect cats that lie in the sun and do mind their own business. With exceptions if they are blocking the path of something important, like an ambulance – then again … no, without exceptions.

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