Post 790: Art thou Dougy…?

Take a bad photo and turn it into something else.

One of my favorite photos of Louie my late ginger cat started out as a very bad photo taken with a camera with a nearly dead battery that failed to flash.  A New Zealand friend added the super hero cape, and there we go! You’ve seen it before, but here it is again:New Louies Cape_Complete

Today, when taking a photo of Dougy, the flash reflected off the hard surface of a binder in the foregound, wiping out pretty much everything. Here’s that photo:001

Yet, there was something about the photo I liked. With a little imagination, tons of Photoshop, and the crop tool, this image came about:kitty art
I kind of like it. It’s Dougy art!

20 thoughts on “Post 790: Art thou Dougy…?

        • They are lots of fun, though there is a lot of responsibility that comes with cats, dogs, and other pets. One thing people don’t think about when they see that cite little kitten is just how much poop one of those cute little guys can put out! LOL! (And who has to clean it up…!)

          • And they do not think about the cat getting bigger and the hairs shedding all the time and the amount of time that has to be dedicated to those furry friends and the vet costs and … and … and … Cats are lovely – but as weggieboy says, a lot of responsibility

          • The veterinarian costs are the biggest single surprise, I think. My cats are pedigree cats that I got for free, but I spent $1400 in veterinarian fees and care in their first four months with me! No free cats: it’s a myth!

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