Post 795: another lazy Caturday…

How better to spend Caturday, Andy wonders, than to watch what’s happening out the back door?

Dougy's not around, so there's no reason to sit on the pot!

Dougy’s not around, so there’s no reason to sit on the pot!

Yeah! The little red chair!

Yeah! The little red chair!

Fit for a kitty! Now to watch birds in the fir tree!

Fit for a kitty! Now to watch birds in the fir tree!

 Of course, all that bird watching is tiring as heck, so Andy scampered off to take a stretch under the computer desk.

Dougy beat Andy to the cat lounger, but that left the flag holder, another favorite roosting place, open for occupation.

Dougy beat Andy to the cat lounger, but that left another favorite roosting place under the computer deak open for Andy. Things work out.

20 thoughts on “Post 795: another lazy Caturday…

    • And how! In my home, the favorite perches are: a light stand by my glide rocker, on top of the blue carrier on the settee, the dining room window sill, the bathroom window sill, the guest bedroom window sill, my bedroom window sill, the stacked carriers by the recliner, my computer desk, and on top of my PC. Various boxes get used, too.

    • There have been days he did, but I’ve increased my vigilance. I know, for example, that he likes to sleep certain places at certain times of the day, and has yet to make the connection between be catching him (easily!) at those certain times of day because he’s snoozing in the open!

      • My two are cave-cats, mostly. FunTom likes to spend his days under the bed, unless I spend more or less my time in it (what I do when I read through a day or have had a night like the previous, where I came home after 1 am – museum night here).

    • I don’t know if any don’t make it through, but this one did! If you comment – if anyone comments…! — I always comment back or indicate I’ve read, seen, and like the comment so you know it’s been seen and approved. Fortunately, I either have great spam control on my blog or only nice people comment because I can’t remember ever deleting any comments.

      That said, he may well be looking for other kitties since there are a few that patrol the area. I don’;t know if the boys like these other kitties or not since they tend to be quiet about such things, most hiding from scary cats but looking at those they find interesting.

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