Post 838: naughty kitty…

I returned a bit late from the museum yesterday. The boys were waiting…. And waiting…. And waiting….!

“We do not like to wait,” Dougy reminded me as he chewed on paper from an over-turned wastepaper basket. At least he wasn’t acting out in his usual way!

(I attach a photo from some time back that shows what Dougy likes to do to show he is mad at me.”

Dpigu beingh a very naughty kitty... and enjoying it!

Dougy being a very naughty kitty…
and enjoying it!

24 thoughts on “Post 838: naughty kitty…

    • The thing that is annoying about this, Ruth, is he clearly enjoyed pushing m,y button that day by attacking the furniture, something he knows (but ignores) to be bad kitty stuff!

  1. An expression reserved for disgraced hoomins, I know it well. Mom knows better than to forget about us or we just won’t have much to do with her all day. This means she sleeps alone and talks to herself…we get up and leave when she is talking to us. Peeps think she’s nuts! MOL


    • Set up…! No, Dougy did it willingly and willfully! He was being exceptionally naughty that day and didn’t care who (that is “me”) saw him being exceptionally naughty. This is pure cat insolence. Cattitude.

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