Post 885: cat tree lazing…

Dougy loves the cat tree. It’s his command post for lots of fun kitty snooping. Yet he can climb into the tube for a snooze when things tire him out!

Dougy can see me at the computer. from this perch.

Dougy can watch me at the computer from his perch.

But what's happening outside the window is more interesting.

But outside the window is more interesting today.


8 thoughts on “Post 885: cat tree lazing…

  1. I had never heard of a “Cat Tree.” I think that is a marvelous thing! My kitties used to love to play inside of, on top of and around cardboard boxes too …. They would spend a lot of time chasing each other into and out of the boxes. Marvelous memories.


    • Andy prefers a window sill to the tree, which is a few meters (2,5 perhaps) away from that window. Andy likes to climb the screen. He does use the cat tree for scratching, though – good kitty! — which you can see evidence of by the rope hanging loosely at the top of the longest pole!

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