Post 911: It’s Thanksgiving up north…!

Thanksgiving! Who doesn’t look forward to this holiday? Food, family, fights, and football! It’s everything you could hope for in a holiday!

And more!

marijean and topsie 2

It’s also all about love, forgiveness, and sharing! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, Canadian friends!


20 thoughts on “Post 911: It’s Thanksgiving up north…!

  1. Thank you for the warm wishes friends. We had our dinner last night so tonight is Bubble and Squeak night. No, that doesn’t mean mom puts a mouse in a bubble and we all poke em. It means fried mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts. Cold turkey too.



    • Yum! That’s the best part of Tnanksgiving, eh?! The leftovers! I’ve heard of bubble and squeak, but didn’t know what it was specifically. The best of both worlds: mashed yummy potatoes and brussels sprouts! Yeah! Yummy!


      • It was a great dinner. I followed this recipe that said to baste the bird with butter. The gravy was awesome and the skin scrumptious. My friend and I had a good look at each other and decided we need to go on a diet before Christmas comes. So next week is D Day.



      • Oh no! Come to think of it, we have Halloween at the end of the month, another caloric holiday that starts as soon as you buy the good candy that you end up eating before you have to buy the little boxes of raisins you replace the candy with to assure you don’t eat all the Halloween goodies before the kiddies come around….!


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