Post 912: “Hey, Dougy…!”

Dougy was minding his own business, snoozing in his new favorite box. What could go wrong?

Settled in for a long snooze. Dougy is content!

Settled in for a long snooze.
Dougy is content!

“Hey, Dougy!”
Called to to get a better shot of his eyes, Dougy’s snooze is interrupted….!

Dougy reacts.

“Mouse turds! He has the camera out!”
Dougy realizes he’s about to get flashed!

Dougy has to make his move. It's now or never!

Dougy has to make his move.
It’s now or never!

Up and out!

Up and out!

“You won’t flash me today!”
Dougy is ‘unanimous’ on that point!

Oh well! It was a typical photo shoot, with an uncooperative kitty and low light. What could one expect?

22 thoughts on “Post 912: “Hey, Dougy…!”

  1. Out of curiosity what kind of camera do you have? My iPhone seems to have extremely good low light responsiveness. I never need to use the flash.

    Then again your cats are as black as the Stygian night and as light absorbing as the 2001 monolith.

    • It’s just a Nikon Coolpix S1000 point-and-shoot. You can change settings so it doesn’t flash, but then you deal with the results through PhotoShopping the heck out of it till you have something. I had another one of these (an earlier Coolpix) that handled low light better, but I get by with what I have, eh!?

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