Post 952: Caturday and it is sunny after a snowstorm….

We had a small amount of snow here yesterday. It was bitter cold, but I only had to go out once to pick up Andy’s medicine refill and some kitty treats.

The little bugger managed to avoid his medicine last night, so, of course, he wasn’t a good boy. Because he wasn’t a good boy, he didn’t get any kitty treats yesterday! (Don’t feel sorry for him. He was a bad boy, after all.)

Andy's "medicine face"....

Andy’s “medicine face”….

52 thoughts on “Post 952: Caturday and it is sunny after a snowstorm….

          • I’m sure I can still look forward to some miserable weather, though! I’m glad my car has remote start so I can warm it up before I actually have to go out into the cold. It’s my favorite feature on that car.

          • They are oujtrageously expensive to maintai8n here, too, though gasoline prices are very low compared with your pump prices. Where I live, there is limited public transportation, and a private car is almost something you can’t do without. Fortunate for me, I don’;t drive that many miles a year, so my expenses are low in that regard, but insurance (required, of course) is high, and gets higher as one gets older and (presumably) less competent to drive.

          • It’s insurance costs and road tax that really drive costs up here. We’ve been able to live without for a long time but most of our friends moved out of London into the country side Which makes public transport extremely difficult to use to see them…

          • Our road taxes come in the form of taxes on gasoline and as part of the cost of registering a car each year. Each state has its own system. Some states (Florida) don’t have property taxes. My state, on the other hand, taxes cars based on appraised value. Each year, your tax goes down, consequently, till a 10 year old costs virtually nothing to register. Plus you pay a fee each year for the license plate and a sticker telling what month and year the car was registered. Since plates are in use for five years where I live before they are replaced with a new design, in years old plates are used, you pay your fee and get the little sticker telling month and year your registered the car to put on the plate to update it. Each county collects taxes for different things, so someone living in my town and driving an identical car to someone living in the next county over pays a different amount for the same services. I, of course, live in the country and town (yes, the town collects it’s pound of flesh, too!) that is something like second highest in the state. Someone who lives just outside the city limits has a lower tax liability. I think the Mafia couldn’t have come up with a more efficient way of fleecing people. LOL!

          • Jesus! That’s a highly complicated and confusing system oO. That makes ours appear simple… Road tax (based on emission of the car and age. The more emissions the more expensive but when once a car is over a certain age you don’t pay any which makes no sense LOL), car insurance and a yearly car “health check”

          • Some states still require an annual verification that emissions controls meet standard and safety items such as headlights are in order, but my state dropped its program several years ago. Probably cost more to do that it was worth to state coffers of people complained because it was inconvenient or something. Regardless, because there is little consistency from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, a person moving from one place to another needs to make sure they find out what’s required of them if they want to avoid problems with the law.

            Some states require licence plates front and rear on cars; others, just the rear. A friend moved from Nebraska (two plates) to a one plate state, and forgot to remove the front plate. For awhile, they were driving a car (illegally!) with plates from two states on it!

      • Bring the liquid out earlier if you can and put it into the syringe for liquids. Warm it between your hands or does it have to be given cold? I know its hard to be organized first thing in the morning….its a sometimes thing here.

        • In the meantime, I have an unhappy cat in my hands….! It’s a possibility to let it warm a bit, but the bottle it comes in needs to be back in the refrigerator before it spoils.

  1. Snow!!!! Where do you live dear Weggieboy? But should be normal. In here it is still like a summer day and it is not normal. Usually in these days it should get colder and snow could be seen too. Strange. Andy’s medicine face is amazing 🙂 Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

  2. I feel bad for Andy even if he was naughty. If you got his medicine compounded to a flavor he likes, do you think he would take it? I tried that once with Benadryl, but it didn’t help. The site of the syringe made her drool no matter what was in it.

    • I hold him on his back to help get the medicine to flow down this throat. I have to be careful, though, because sometimes he opens his mouth enough that it shoots out the opposite side! He’s a clever rascal, but I learn each time new things to do or not do!

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