Post 960: window kitty…

My neighbor said he’d put up the bird feeder outside my window for my boys, and, nice guy that he is, he did just that! 

It takes birds a bit of time to find the feeder in the first place, then determine that it is safe to come in to feed.

andy in window 113015 c

Andy waits for those fat, juicy tidbits to fly in!

You wouldn’t think having a big black kitty staring at you from the inside of the window would inspire confidence, yet the birdies throw caution to the wind and fly in for a little treat. 

Andy will be there…!




14 thoughts on “Post 960: window kitty…

    • He is very, very still when he’s “hunting” window birds! Well, mostly he is. Sometimes he gets excited and chirps like cats do when they are excited, but mostly he doesn’t move. The birds seem to know he;’s behind a barrier, though.


  1. Aww yes same here with Ali. We have a planter in front of our window and she lives there these days chattering away to the birds. She has been feeling pretty good these days. Ali is rooting Andy on and saying one of these days maybe one will fly in the window.


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