Post 1006: I suppose they will use google earth…

I have catheters coming out of my chest at the moment. They serve me well enough for dialysis yet they have a higher proclivity for infection than other methods of accessing my blood for cleansing. That is especially concerning since the catheter goes to my heart. Ick!

The 15th I have an appointment to get mapped. That is they will slather warm goop on my arm and use ultrasound to determine which of my arteries and veins are suitable for use in a fistula. I don’t know exactly how a fistula works but it basically helps increase the volume of blood flowing into the dialysis machine. That in turn allows for a more thorough dialysis session and less clotting. It is a good deal.

Creating the fistula is an out-patient surgical process. I suppose I will have to go to Scottsbluff for this procedure. I am pleased, though, that the surgeon will be one who put in a catheter and performed a lung biopsy on me in 2003 and 2004. He is very good.

Once the fistula is created I have to heal for several weeks before it is usable. I believe I read somewhere in all the literature handed out to me in various hospitals or dialysis centers that that wait period is six weeks. 


Dougy is trying to make up for the two months without much play by bugging me to play wand toy games with him several times a day.  Even Andy is more playful now that he knows I can be gone for long periods of time. I kind of like the “new” kitty boys. They are more talkative, more playful, more tolerant of being held. 

I still need to make an appointment for Andy to see his veterinarian. Slipping him into my dialysis and doctor’s appointment schedule is a trick. It needs to be done, though, and I hope I can work it into this week.


I will try to get my PC into the shop for fixing today. It’s been too long since that tool’s been messed up and unavailable for me. Mainly, I miss being able to upload photos and videos of the kitty brothers. I believe those of you who’ve followed this blog for a long time do, too.