Post 1009: I barely got here today…!

If it isn’t one thing, it’s another, eh?! I had password problems with yesterday WordPress afternoon and today. It wouldn’t accept my password or allow me to change it.

All I accomplished yesterday was raising my blood pressure and having the worst tantrum I’ve had in years. Doing the same thing over and over again today, I managed – I don’t know how….! – to change my password and get on this site. Turns out the reason Post 1008 did show up on Facebook (the problem I tried to get back on this site to figure out) was it still was in draft form.

Andy and Dougy both meowed their concern, not leaving me for a minute all morning. Scritching was not enough to satisfy them, though they appreciated the endless scritching I gave them, hoping to satisfy whatever need they had.41316 dougy on walker 3

Dougy had to sniff the walker to make sure Andy hadn’t been using it. (He had…!)41316 dougy on walker 2

Well, so Andy had been here. Dougy has it now, and it’s handy for watching the human.41316 andy on computer 1

Andy is on top of the computer in the meantime. 41316 andy on computer 2

All the better to watch the human!

Yes, I was being monitored closely today. If the UPS man hadn’t interrupted with a package delivery – “Oh boy! A new box!” – the kitty boys would still have me in their eyesight. Little do they know the box contains new water fountains for them.

Post 1008: Dougy ignores the territory of Andy… again!

Andy was elsewhere. Dougy came by the blue carrier and contemplated how nice it would be to get on top of the carrier again. Yesterday wasn’t enough!41216 dougy contemplates a snooze on blue carrier

“Don’t do it, Dougy. Andy is just around the corner.”

41216 dougy sneaks on blue carrier

You can tell a cat, but not much! OK, Dougy, just you wait till Andy sees this!

41216 andy on prowl

There he is. Andy! You’ll see what now, Douglas!

My pretty boy Andy!

Of course, Andy might just not give a hoot today. He hopped up on the computer desk for a snooze.