Post 1003: things are a little bit normal now…

The boys returned to most of the old routines much more quickly than I expected. One they haven’t returned to is the 1:30 AM feeding schedule. Of course, I’m not encouraging them to. LOL!

I bought groceries this morning. The store has a new electric cart with shopping basket that I used. It made the task doable and fast. I was a bit concerned about all the walking I’d have to do since the store was enlarged recently. I still have to carry the groceries in once I get home, though that was easy enough.

Along with buying groceries, I made my first meals at home since getting back. That was one of the concerns of the people doing my therapy. I’ve made my own meals for years, so this was a snap. I just was a bit more careful about ingredients and ate my potassium blocker before eating, like a good boy. (In this case, the blocker is simple Tums, which I take in fruit flavors. Why not?!)

Andy and Dougy aren’t eating their wet food like I like them to. I put a supplement in the wet food that controls “eye snot”, that goopy eye thing Persians often have. Dougy gets it worst, though he cleans most of it off without help. (It isn’t as grim as hairballs, but it gets close sometimes….!)

I still haven’t resolved my PC issues or how to post new photos. I feel an expensive month coming up.