Post 1001: Whew! Getting well is exhausting!

I’m catching up with your comments, slowly.

I managed to accidentally delete one because of the quirky way this laptop does tasks if your mouse accidentally strays over a spot to click to do a task. Well, I  accidentally moved over one that said “Trash” while trying to reply to that person. If you are that person, please write back! [NOTE: They did, and I appreciate it because the comment was thoughtful and cheered me up!]


Dougy and Andy are much more “chatty” than they were before. I guess they realize they need to speak up or I will go away again. Or they just need an overdose of loving to make up for me being away for such a long, long time. Doesn’t matter. I am glad to give them all the loving them need!

Poor little fellows, though. All that attention they want from me is tiring them out, and both are sleeping while I type this blog. The first night, though, they literally kept me up all night. Now, they are a little less needy, but spend the night climbing on my bed to see how I am or, in Dougy’s case, to lie next to me for a little snuggle. He purrs when he does that.

One thing I’ve noticed about them now: When I pick them up, they both purr. Before, they might purr. Now it is every time! Yeah, they are happy to have me home!


I still am unable to figure out what the problem is with my PC. I hope to work that out so I can get back to posting new photos of the boys. I don’t kid myself. Most of you read this for the kitty pictures and videos, not to learn about me! [Awwwww! Is Doug having a pity party….?! LOL!]

Also, my lame attempts to put kitty pictures [  =(^+^)=  ] in the blog are in recognition of who the Internet minor cat celebrities are, and I am not one of them!