Post 1005: in which I advocate for the death penalty for people who create computer viruses and other on-line mischief…

Not really! But I do wish some people had dropped their precious bundles on their heads when they were infants or spent more time socializing their basement-dwelling trolls before they let them have access to computers.

Yes, I had to deal with a computer virus yesterday, and it was not a harmless crime. I got through it, however, so all it well for the time being. I mean, how many times do you get to talk with someone sitting in India while he tries to straighten out your mess? (And get to pay for the conversation?)


 I found an unused Neeko replacement bumblebee toy on the table. I unpacked it since the one in use is pretty well destroyed in multiple catastrophes. Andy was watching. And waiting to pounce. The little rascal caught me off guard. We had an exciting spontaneous play session.

Dougy watched from behind my shoes (which I’d taken off by the door), but mostly stayed out of the game. This is the reverse of the usual play styles of the two boys. Andy usually is the last kitty to join in the fun and Dougy generally is always “up” for play. 

I was very pleased Andy initiated play today. Perhaps he is coming out of his shell! 


I’m making a crockpot meal today. It is the first one since I got back from the hospital and therapy “vacation” I recently had. I hope I didn’t make too much because there is a limit to how many times and ways I can eat something before I start thinking about wasting the last of it.