Post 1004: Andy and Dougy can ignore me now…

That first day back, the kitty boys couldn’t spend enough time with me. “Clingy” barely covers it! And the first night they didn’t let me get any sleep at all.

Dougy was especially  annoying, walking on me, kneading me head to foot, sticking his face and tail in my face, and generally making sure I was there again to give good skritchings.

Andy was less aggressive, though he slept on a night stand next to the bed, well within skritching distance.

Now, a bit over a week later, the boys still want to be with me at night, but Dougy’s settled down. He comes around regularly for a little attention. He just  doesn’t do it all night long. Whew!

And Andy settles for just sleeping on the night stand. If my hand gets within skritiching distance, he lets me skritch his chin and head. He makes few demands for attention, however.


It is interesting that the same port that was working so irratically in Scottsbluff is working fine in Alliance. I think the nurses at the Box Butte General Hospital dialysis unit must work smarter instead of harder. Or maybe the difference is they are handling fewer patients at a time so can give better service. Whatever it is, I am very impressed with this local dialysis unit! I had my third treatment there yesterday and it went without a hitch again.

I still haven’t worked out the problem with my PC, so, sorry but no new kitty pictures and videos are possible just yet.