Post 1021: busy day today…

Have to drive down to Scottsbluff today for doctor’s appointment. It’s related to the dialysis fistula I will have placed next Monday. Paperwork and a physical. Too bad I have to travel to take care of the humdrum parts of this process!

I don’t have much more to “talk” about today, and the photo of Andy (in the sun) and Dougy (trying to avoid eye contact with his brother) is from the series I posted yesterday.

If you follow cat body language, you most likely know this was just before Andy charged Dougy to give him “kitty dagger eyes of impudent brother’s impending tragic demise by kitty maw” or something like that. Well, there was a kitty chase and Dougy lost a little fur when Andy straightened him out.

The boys get along most of the time, but they do have special spots where they don’t tolerate the other brother. Andy’s sitting on one of those spots, and Dougy’s sitting on another of his brother’s special spots . Picture 66