Post 1044: Dougy sits high on the walker…

Both Andy and Dougy love to sit on my walker. Both even let me push them around on it, which surprised me. But today, as an experiment, I decided to see if they would use it for backdoor bird watching. Andy didn’t; Dougy did. I think the main problem was both didn’t want to be on the seat at the same time.

Dougy checks out the fir tree, a reliable "bird station".

Dougy checks out the fir tree, a reliable “bird station”.

"Hmm! Not much happening in tghe fir tree...!"

“Hmm! Not much happening in the fir tree…!” Dougy regroups his thoughts about where to look next.

Suddenly, a bird song to the left!

Suddenly, a bird song to the left! Dougy hunkers down. This may be what he’s waiting for!

It flew into the apple tree! Dougy's excited now!

It flew into the apple tree! Dougy’s excited now! (His “horns” are up!)

The first Western kingbird of the season! If Dougy were outside, the kingbird would have a fit!

The first Western kingbird of the season! If Dougy were outside, the kingbird would have a fit! (And Dougy might have a snack…!)


24 thoughts on “Post 1044: Dougy sits high on the walker…

  1. I am having the same trouble with the girls stroller. Each like a ride in it but not together where their furs touch. It’s a nuisance taking them for separate rolls. I noticed Kali was sleeping in the stroller last night and Shoko went over and poked her several times. Kali poked her back. The stroller is at the end of the bed so watching is easy.

    The walker is owned by Kali although she hasn’t got on it for several months. Her arthritis prevents her from jumping up on it. Still Shoko won’t even try to get in the walker….its strictly Kaii’s possession.


    • LOL! I know the routine well! The main difference here is both Andy and Dougy will attempt to take over the other’s favorite spots. A lot of the flying fur this past week had to do with such impudence!

  2. Ali does the same with mine and will even ride on it around the apt. How are you doing getting used to walk with a walker? I only need mine outside of my apt as my apt is so small it is easy to get around in and grab ahold of something if I need the support.
    Love the side profile of Dougy in the first photo. Such a handsome boy.
    Ali is waving a paw.

    • The walker works well for me. Though I use a cane when it is more convenient, I still walk a lot slower and with more effort than before I got so ill in January.

      That’s interesting that Ali will let you give her rides on your walker, too!

      As for me, I’m doing well. Dialysis helps me feel a lot better than I did before I started having it, and the routine helps get me out of the house more than I did before, too. (That means I end up walking more, for example, than I did before I got sick.)

  3. I am the bird watcher in this house. The mother robin had three (it looks like) three hatchlings and there is a lot of back and forth which is ignored by the felines. Go figure.

  4. Our kitties used to love Rick’s mother’s walker. They would sit on it while she was at the table and ask for head pets. The walker is at the correct hight for most kitty viewing.

    Yes, I bet Dougy would have a snack if he could! All the best to you and the boys today, Doug. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Give my favorite Persian brothers a scratch on the head for me. 🙂

    • When they show up again, I’ll give them that head scratch for you!

      It’s interesting that in the short time the post’s been up, two people note they have cats that like to sit on and/or ride on walkers!

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