Post 1181: “Once upon a time…”

There has been an explosion of new people following this blog since I returned from my hospitalization and rehabilitation. People who’ve followed the kitty brothers for a long time know how they came into my life, have seen some of the many videos I’ve made of them through the five years I’ve had them, but the newer followers may still have questions about those details. Today’s blog is for them!


This is at the veterinarian’s clinic on the day I picked up Andy to bring him home for the first time.

Andy's home now!


Dougy would come home a few days later. When I got Andy, I didn’t anticipate getting a second kitten from the same litter. This photo was at the top of my blog till I made the screen print from a video of the two kittens playing on a settee that is the current heading photo.



Before there were kitties at the top of this blog, this photo of me was there.

"Yeah! You better hide yer face, varmit!"


For the full story of Andy and Dougy’s coming into my life, there’s a link in the “Andy and Dougy come home” page, above.