Post 1196: “What?! You want the recliner, too?!”

I think Andy and Dougy lose track of one thing: I get to use the recliner, too! Of course, I have to sit cockeyed on the darn thing to make room for a kitty visit. What I do for my cats!


Andy pops onto the recliner footrest…103116-useme-andy-looking-away


“Still there?”103116-no-use-me-andy-head-on

Then Dougy pops onto the recliner footrest…103116-dougy-looking-away

He’s thinking about something.103116-no-use-me-dougy-looking-away

“Hey! What about wand toy time? I want to play. NOW!”103116-use-me-dougy-face-on

So, of course, we played wand toy. Andy sort of joined in, but the game play mostly involved Dougy and me. Monday morning. You ready for it?