Post 1178: It’s Andy’s turn to visit his veterinarian…and he gets upset!

Andy went missing in the apartment two days ago when he and his brother Dougy had an appointment for shots and an examination. I rescheduled him for yesterday, and made sure he was available at departure time by putting him in the carrier right after I gave him his medicine. He was NOT happy!! And he had to wait an hour and a half in the carrier till it was time for his appointment.

Once there, he seemed OK, but he had a temper tantrum when they tried to take his blood pressure. Ultimately, his veterinarian decided it best to try in December. He’d examined Andy’s retinas (blood pressure will damage those….) and saw no damage, so waiting is safe! (That was great news!)


Andy spent too long in the carrier. He was not happy!101316 andy in carrier 1.jpg

He was much calmer on the scale than Dougy was earlier this week.101316-andy-is-weighed-2

Dr. Y checked his lungs and heart.101316 use me andys hearts checked 3.jpg

We were especially happy his retinas are OK! The blood pressure medicine is worth the effort.101316 andys retinas are ok 6.jpg

Of course, Andy came for a couple of shots, one of which was in the butt!101316-andy-gets-shot-in-the-butt-4

Shaving his foot to take his blood pressure, Andy started to get owly, hissing and fighting all the way. It took three of us to keep him down and somewhat calm…. sort of!101316 andys foot is shaved.jpg

After fighting the blood pressure check, it made little sense to try to take it: It definitely would have been high!101316-andy-gets-bp-checked-or-they-try-5

In all, though Andy got upset, he was mostly a good boy, and his check up was good. You bet I set out some kitty treats when we got home! Later, I reassured him with some good, old “scritching”!