Post 1176: Dougy wants to play…

Dougy gets whiny when he wants something, and it works! After kitty food time – which both kitty boys really, really, really enjoyed!  – Dougy wanted more. He wanted to play wand toy


Whiny sounds came from the ottoman….101216 dougy tries to get sympathy.jpg

Maybe I should pay attention!101216 maybe should play with dougy.jpg

Dougy gets into the fun of it! 101216-dougy-and-neko-toy

Andy is interested, sort of. “What’s that Dougy doing now?”101216 Andy is intersted.jpg

Dougy poses nicely for a B&W portrait.101216 b&w portrait of dougy.jpg

“He thinks he’s a runway model or something!” an incredulous Andy opines.101216 andy smerks.jpg