Post 1188: early morning on US 385…I drive to Bridgeport

I love the early morning! Colors are saturated, dramatic shadows are cast by the low sun, and there is an awakening. This time of year, too, the drama of Autumn ganging up on Summer, turning a verdant world into one of vibrant colors, makes a drive down to the North Platte River at Bridgeport one I look forward to.

Of course, there are better places to see the Platte in Autumn, but I enjoy Bridgeport, a small but vigorous community on the Mormon and Oregon Trails. Autumn on  the North Platte in Bridgeport is just fine with me! 


At the intersection of Potash Avenue and Kansas Street, the southern most street in Alliance. There is town to the north of Kansas and country to the south.102316 Potash and Kansas Street.jpg

Wow! What a gorgeous morning this chilly October day!102316 morning near intersection of 26 and 385.jpg

Looking south down Angora Hill, your first glimpse of the North Platte River valley.102316 angora hill 3 use me.jpg

Bridgeport is built on the Mormon and Oregon Trail routes that paralleled the North Platte River, the I-80 of the westward migration in the 1800s.102316 mormon trail marker close up.jpg

This monument marks a Mormon campsite on the North Platte, which you can see in the background.102316 platte river behind mormon trail monument.jpg

Well, coal trains are a traveler’s woe around these parts. Wyoming coal’s transported by the BNSF and Union Pacific lines to eastern and southern power plants.102316 coal train stop bridgeport 4.jpg

Time to head back to Alliance.102316-noth-to-alliance

Nebraska is flat. (Angora Hill, heading north on US 385.)102316-angora-hill-2

Of course, once you get into Box Butte County, Nebraska is flat! LOL! Squint and you just about can see Alliance on the horizon. The double power lines show that there is progress on moving power lines to make way for the Heartland Express. This road is going to be a divided highway in time.102316-just-before-dinklage-alliance-at-end-of-road

OK, here’s your kitty dose for the day! Andy watched birds out the window while I took a short day trip. No idea what Dougy did.102316-andy-on-computer

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