Post 1175: Dougy visits his veterinarian…and is a good boy!

Today, both kitty boys were to go to their veterinarian for an exam, rabies shot, and another one that I can’t decipher on the bill. One of them made it; the other was in hiding when it was time to go. Little does Andy know, he gets to visit Dr. Y. on Thursday morning, if I have to start a forest fire in his hiding places to get him to come out! Bad kitty! You’ll wish you were a good boy today like your brother! 


As usual, Dougy was whiny while in the carrier on the way to his appointment….101016 dougy 1.jpg

Once there, though, he was reasonably good while getting weighed.101116 dougy 2.jpg

Dougy was very good on the examination table, especially considering he got two shots!101116 dougy 3.jpg

Dougy got a good bill of health. Weight, heart, wiggly parts: A-OK! When we got home, Andy (of course!) greeted us at the door. I gave Dougy some kitty treats for being a good boy.

Andy joined me at the computer, ripe for snatching. Too bad I have to wait till Thursday for his appointment. He’s very available right now.

Mr. Innocent. (He just winked at me!)101116 andy.jpg