Post 1179: All this beauty doesn’t come without effort…!

Dougy and Andy both get nice comments about how cute and pretty they are. It is important, though, that you understand all this beauty doesn’t come without effort!

Dougy decided to show you his secrets, which follow.


The star of this post is Dougy. But you knew that!101516-dougy-top-photo-closeup

Dougy revs up.101516-frenzied-foot-shot-dougy-useme

It gets more frenzied, fast.101516-really-useme-dougy-closeup-foot-in-mouth

Oh man!! How will it end?101516-nomnomnom-dougy-useme

[lick~lick~lick] Will any fur be left?!101516-dougy-frenzy-2-useme



 Oops! That’s kind of “uncute” and rude, Dougy….101516-dougy-full-shot-coy

Aw! The means justified by the end!101516 top photo of dougy.jpg

Thank you, Douglas! That was informative!