Post 1189: Andy prevails…!


So starts the endless posturing to take over all the favorite high spots in the apartment! Andy and Dougy sort it out daily. Who gets the recliner? That’s the new favorite.

Dougy still hogs the ottoman and Andy roosts on the stacked carriers. But…that recliner! Rawr! Both kitties want it!


Dougy isn’t happy. Andy’s on the recliner.102516 unhappy dougy andy on recliner useme 1.jpg

Dougy wants me to help. “But you have the ottoman, Dougy. Isn’t that enough?!”102516 dougy looks to me useme.jpg

Dougy ponders the risks. He wants that recliner. More, he doesn’t want Andy to have it!102516 dougy sees andy on recliner use me.jpg

Woo hoo! Dougy takes the recliner from Andy!102516 deougy takes over recliner useme.jpg

But Andy steals it back. And now he is unhappy with Dougy.102516 andy go away use me.jpg

“Don’t go away mad, Dougy. Just go away!”102516 andy with dougy leaving use me.jpg

Though they play this power game all the time, they rarely squabble to the point of a fight. Good boys!