Post 1183: Andy, in two views…

Yep! Same old problem! Andy (or Dougy – same difference) is being cute, posing nicely, looking like a potential subject for a blog post, but…he’s in the dark. Oh well. I took the photos anyway, hoping Photoshop would rescue them. One turned out subtle because his whiskers were highlighted by the sun behind him. The others had to be manipulated beyond a reasonable point, turning Andy into an extraterrestrial alien kitty: “Come to the light!” 


Here’s the subtle “highlighted whiskers” Andy.101816 andy whiskers.jpg

This is pretty much what the rest looked like after typical Photoshopping.101816 andy in the shadows.jpg

Then, one last effort to bring out detail in Andy (exposure) resulted in this…101816 andy in the shadows copy.jpg

…and this~!101816 andy in shadows 3 copy.jpg

Oh well. I kind of like the “highlighted whiskers” Andy. In the meantime, I’ll try to catch him in good light for future posts.