Day 1379: My boyfriend, Michael

Ann Kaplow recently had heart valve replacement surgery in Rochester, Minnesota, at Mayo Clinic. Her incredible resilience and good humor are an inspiration to me. Before and after her surgery, her blog has been one of those upbeat “must see” blogs on my daily reading list. Take a gander, and if you agree she is an exceptional blogger, give her a follow! Also, while she heals from her recent surgery, send her hugs and prayers. She is something else!

Post 1174: Boys, boys, boys! Take turns!

The foot rest on the recliner’s become the latest hot spot for Andy and Dougy. Both claim it. Neither has successfully made it his exclusive spot.


Andy enjoys being on the foot rest.101016 andy over head.jpg

Dougy enjoys being on his ottoman.101016 dougy notes andy useme.jpg

“What?!” Dougy becomes aware of Andy on “his” recliner foot rest!101016 use me dougy dsitting up.jpg

Dougy complains to me. “My foot rest! Andy’s on my foot rest! 101016 dougy tells me hes poed.jpg

Andy prepares to escape from Dougy, if needed.101016-first-one-andy-recliner

Dougy’s shooed his brother away and claims the foot rest.101016 doug says go away.jpg

“I’ll be back!” Andy says darkly…. 101016-ill-be-back-use-me

The End?!101016-dougy-oin-recliner-useme-or-else